Free Audio Guide - Top 10 Vienna Sights provides a new, exclusive and extended free audioguide for Vienna. In cooperation with the apartment rental service Vienna City Flats  we provide you 10 chapters of insight information about Vienna. Every chapter covers one of the most important sights of Vienna and include all information you need.


Chapter 01: Introduction

Chapter 02: Schoenbrunn Castle

Chapter 03: Belvedere

Chapter 04: Riesenrad (Ferris Wheel)

Chapter 05: Albertina Museum

Chapter 06: Hofburg - Kaiserappartments, Sissi Museum and Silberkammer

Chapter 07: Kunsthistorisches Museum

Chapter 08: Donauturm

Chapter 09: Naturhistorisches Museum

Chapter 10: Haus des Meeres

Chapter 11: Leopoldmuseum



NAME: Free Audio Guide - Top 10 Vienna Sights

Format: MP3-Format

Numbers: 10

Price: FREE

LINK: Audioguide Vienna City Flats




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